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PVM Crystlyx Chemical/ Soft Block
Protein 28% 20% 24%
NPN 7% 8% 16%
Natural Protein 75% 60% 33%
Cost 59.50 62.40 73.25
Cost/Pound .264 .2496 .1465
Consumption 1.0 lb. per day* 1.4 lb. per day* 3 – 4 lb. per day*
Cost per Day 26.4 cents 34.94 cents 44 cents
Add’l cost per Day 8.54 cents 17.6 cents
Savings per day $0.854 $1.76
Savings per month $25.62 $52.80
Savings per day $8.54 $17.60
Savings per month $256.20 $528.00

* Consumption estimates are winter time rates and prices may vary.

The basis of ruminant nutrition (i.e. protein and energy) must come from your forage program. Meaning the better you manage your grazing or hay program the less that you will have to supplement!!!

Simply put, supplementation means something added that makes up for deficiency. For the cattleman it has a singular purpose – to increase profits! The best way to accomplish this is to have protein supplement that is high in energy and increases forage digestibility. To reduce the costs of production, several things must occur. First, there must be an increased rate of digestion without reducing forage consumption. When consumption of a supplement exceeds two pounds per day, it is likely that the forage intake has been reduced and the supplement has become a feed. Second, when the pasture quality no longer provides enough dry matter or it requires more than a pound of our supplement to achieve your nutritional requirement, then hay should be fed with our supplement. The level of consumption of Postive Feed’s PVM is a good measure of the forage quality. The poorer the quality of the forage, the higher the supplement’s consumption; as forage quality increases, PVM consumption decreases!!!