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Supplemental Effects

Postive Feed Tubs vs. Mineral/Grass Program
   Postive Feed has many, many ranches that, on a year around program, will consistently wean a 90-95% calf crop of total cows exposed. If you start PF tubs in early fall of the year, it will help maintain the cows body condition going into the winter and therefore will not have to make up as much ground until spring time when you have cheap feed. Typically on a year-around program with Postive Feed you can increase your weaning weights by up to 50 – 90 lbs. per calf. The increased weaning weight is the payback of supplementation – besides getting more cows bred!!!!!
Postive Feed – Year around Mineral Program
100 Head Cows 100 Head Cows
90% weaned 83% weaned
550 pound wean weight 500 pound wean weight
@ 85.00 cwt @ 85.00 cwt
$467.50/head $425.00/head
$42,075.00 TOTAL $35,275.00 TOTAL
Cost of Supplementation Cost of Supplementation
100 Head Cows
365 days x .4 lb/day = 14,600 lbs
14,600-lbs. X 26.4 cents/lb. = $3,854.40 Total cost or $38.54 per cow/calf unit per year What’s your cost? (rye grass, cubes, liquid molasses, etc.)
THAT’S $2,945.60 MORE PROFIT OR $ 29.46 PER HEAD!!
Replacement Costs
P.F. Program