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Sorted by Species

We offer a variety of products that are designed for many species of animals and livestock. If you are looking for a product for a certain species of animal, scroll down to that species and click on the red product button for more information about that product.

Cows & Calves
The majority of our products are designed for use on cows and their calves, as well as dairy cattle. Our products range from “cooked” molasses mineral tubs to a swirled vein concept. Some of the benefits include an 80 lb. calf weight increase, horn fly control, and optimized fiber utilization.

Here is a list of our products for Cattle:
Beef Cattle
8:8 Mineral Tub All-in-One 30% Tub All Natural 18% Tub King Cattle Block 26% PVM Cattle Supplement Tub

Fly Control
We sell products that control horn flies in the most convenient way in today’s beef and dairy industry. Our IGR products break the life cycle by preventing them from developing into biting adult flies.

Here is a list of our Fly Control products:
IGR Products
8:8 Mineral IGR Tub All-in-One IGR Tub All Natural IGR Tub PVM IGR Tub

We offer two products for your horse. Forti-sweet is a unique nutrient delivery system for horses because it suspends essential nutrients in an easy-to-feed, molasses-based tub. All Natural is a protien livestock supplement with no added copper or urea.

Here are our Horse products:
Forti-Sweet All Natural

Both of our sheep products offer a unigue, easy-to-feed tub. The benefits of the products include enhance fiber utilization, the most bio-available forms of ingredients, and the latest patented ingredient formula. We recommend the small tub for animal safety.

Here is a list of our products designed for Sheep:
PVM All Natural

Exotic Game
Our exotic game product, Exotic Game Supplement 16%, is designed to supplement daily essntial nutrients needed for additional antler or horn growth and weaned fawn success.

Here is our Exotic Game product:
Exotic Game Supplement 16%

Goat 16% Tub is a high energy supplement that was developed for the ever growing goat industry. It offers a unique delivery system, providing essential nutrients in a easy-to-feed, molasses-based tub.

Here are our products designed for Goats:
Goat 16% Tub All Natural