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It all started back in 1973 when “Crazy” Bob Inglish was a user of this product. The first plant was in Walnut, California, and was operated by Mr. Al Benton. Mr. Inglish was in the livestock commission business at that time and would ship cattle out to California and then back-haul the product to Texas for his own use.

The first patent was the McKenzie patent, which expired in 1993. This patent was based on a batch process through which dehydration and vacuum determined the low-moisture content of the molasses product. In the early years urea was the only protein source. Through many years of experimentation and trial and tribulations we have developed the current formulas which were developed under Mr. Benton’s patented (#4,749,578 ) ingredient formula and cooking process.

Today we still work closely with Mr. Benton to keep our formulas ahead of the competition. For instance the new All-In-One 30 % reduces consumption but does not forfeit the nutritional ( i.e. fecal nitrogen ) needs of the animals.


Postive Feed products are currently distributed through your local feed dealer or local co-op, from California to Florida, mainly in the Southern half of the United States. We have two manufacturing locations; Sealy, Texas and Franklinton, Louisiana, and a warehouse location in Senatobia, Mississippi.

Customer Service-

A full-time, on-site technical support staff currently supports Postive Feed products by telephone Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. CST, and also by electronic mail, fax and through our network of distributors.