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Supplement Pastures to Overcome Deficiencies and Accelerate Production

Simply put, supplementation means something added that makes up for a deficiency. For the cattleman it has a singular purpose — to increase profits! The best way to accomplish this is to have a protein supplement that is high in energy and increases forage digestibility. Even when the proper ingredients are used, a supplement may not be successful due to labor costs and high rates of consumption.

PVM has a unique delivery system that lets you feed our supplement free choice without the fear of over consumption.

To reduce the costs of production, several things must occur. First, there must be an increased rate of digestion without reducing forage intake. When consumption of a supplement exceeds two pounds per day, it is likely that the forage intake has been reduced and the supplement has become a feed. Second, when the pasture quality no longer provides enough dry matter or it requires more than a pound of our supplement to achieve your nutritional requirement, then hay should be fed with our supplement. The level of consumption of Postive Feed’s PVM is a good measure of the forage quality. The poorer the quality of the feed, the higher the supplement’s consumption; as forage quality increases, PVM consumption decreases.

Postive Feed’s PVM supplement is a dehydrated molasses-based product with the proper balance of energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Due to the patented cooking process, the PVM formula has a built-in delivery system which limits intake to levels that Supplement forage rather than replace it.