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Mineral Study

The purpose of this trial was to determine the feeding advantages of “low moisture˝ cooked  mineral tubs (referred to as “tubbed” mineral) Vs. conventional “loose-bagged” minerals.  This study was performed in Goliad, Texas.  The trial was conducted for a one year period, which started October 2003 thru October 2004.  Dr. Joe Paschal – Livestock Extension Specialist was in charge and oversaw this trial.  Both groups of cattle were safe in calf at the start & had equally improved pastures, the same coastal hay, and 120 days of the same liquid feed for a protein supplement.  The only thing changed was the way the mineral was presented.  The results were as follows:There was a significant  increase of 45-lbs. more weaned weight per calf on the “tubbed” mineral group Vs. the loose   mineral group. Also the cows on the “tubbed” mineral had a one point better body condition score prior to weaning &  a 3% increase in breed-back.  When you compare  the increased weight gain on the calves Vs. the total number of  cows started in the trial , there was a much larger increase—80-lbs more weaned weight per cow.  This was due to the higher percentage of calves weaned on the “tubbed” group (97%) Vs. the loose mineral group (89%).

As you can see our tubbed mineral costs about $10.00 per year over a normal loose mineral program.  Is that $10.00 worth up to 45 lbs. heavier calves or up to an additional 80 lbs more weaned per cow?