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Kansas State University

Some work has been done by Kansas State University on Dry Matter Intake (DMI) and Digestibility. Dry Matter Intake was as follows: controls, corn and cooked molasses supplement. The pounds of DMI were as follows: 14.8 lbs., 13.1 lbs., and 16.5 lbs. Cattle on the molasses blocks (16.5) showed a 14% increase in DMI over the treatment (13.1) group.

In regards to the Digestible DMI in pounds – the cattle on the cooked molasses blocks (8.9) had a 29% increase over the controls (6.9 lbs.) and 13% increase over the corn treatment (7.8 lbs.) group.

This demonstrates the negative associative effects of highly fermentable starch on fiber digestion. Cattle on the cooked molasses supplement increased digestible fiber intake without the negative effects of the starch found in grains. Also, some work has been done on Phosphorus Bioavailability from different sources – Toe Ash was the method used in determining bioavailablity. Cooked molasses supplement – 11.23%, WITHOUT supplement – 10.84%, and with LIQUID molasses – 10.78%.

This suggests that the phosphorus is 5% more bioavailable or useable in COOKED MOLASSES supplement.